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Fall Tablescape- DIY Patch & Stitch Napkins

Hi friends!!

One thing I’m lovely lately, that has been a great distraction from all my health issues is stepping outside the box. I love being able to create pieces everyone can enjoy. 

Here is a simple DIY on napkins. Yes, these “Patch & Stitch Napkins” are super easy and affordable to make you’re gonna have to make some for your home. 



12x14 - inch of linen ( we used 4 pocket rags) 

4-inch embroidery hoop

Embroidery floss- brown

Needles: embroidery and sewing

Sewing thread- beige 


3 pieces of any size fabric ( we used canvas drop cloth in various sizes) 

Prepare the Pattern 

Cut 3 pieces of canvas in a variety of sizes. With the beige sewing thread sew the canvas onto of the pocket rags. This will hold the pieces of fabric onto the front of the napkins. Center fabric in embroidery hoop. Pull fabric taut; tighten screw. 

Embroider the Napkin Front 

Use the Crossed Straight Stitch. This is a series of horizontal running stitches covered by vertical running stitches. Use two strands of brown embroidery floss for all stitching. See stitch diagram below.

Reposition hoop as needed to stitch all of design. 

Finish Napkins 

Snip the beige thread off the patches of each napkins. Add your favorite ribbon or napkin holder and TADA, you’re done. 

I hope this DIY tutorial helps you as you decorate your home!

And if you use this post to help you on a DIY project for your home, be sure to share a picture and tag @nestofpetals so that we can all see your beautiful DIY and so that I can share your photo on my stories!

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What thread color(s) do you plan to use for your napkins?

Feel free to comment below, email me!

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Love y’all mucho- Rosana




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