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Master Bathroom - Stenciled Floors

Hi friends!  Today on my Instagram account I shared a sneak peek of my Master Bathroom Refresh.  The last time I shared these floors was summer time 2019.
 Would you believe me if I told you they are stenciled?

Yes, stenciled floors my friends.  I had sweat, pain, more muscle than I would want on my arms with all the movements of stenciling - BUT...this gorgeous floor was so worth it.

Listed below are the products I used to stencil my floors:

How to stencil floors:  

This is my how to guide and how I worked my floors.  Feel free to adjust in anyway that is suited for you.

First, clean your floors (mine are vinyl) - sweep, wipe down clean and let them air dry for at least 10 minutes.  Next you will want to tape the baseboard so you don't get paint on it.  After the blue tape is up you will want to paint the floors with primer and sealer paint. I did two coats of this and let it dry at least an hour in between coats.  After the Primer & Sealer dried I applied my Rust-Oleum Charcoal Paint.  I also did two coats of this color.  Depending on your floors you might have to adjust how many coats you apply.

Next, you can start the stencil magic!  AWWWW.. with my hands in the air. You place your stencil on the floors - I chose the far edge corner and tape the top and bottom of the stencil with the blue tape.  I chose the far edge corner so I would be able to enter and exit the bathroom door until I was almost complete.

Next, I grabbed my Linen White Paint - fancy paint brush and dab up and down, up and down.  Be sure you don't add too much paint as it will bleed underneath the stencil.  Continue this process until the entire floors are covered. Once you are done stenciling the floors you will have to cut the stencil to finish the corners and small areas on the floor.

Lastly, once everything is done being stenciled, the paint is dried you want to add a polycrylic.  I used Mini Wax clear Polycrylic and applied 4 coats to the floors.  What this does is protects the floors from wear and tear making your hard work last for years.  I did my floors almost a year ago and they still look like I finished them yesterday.

I would highly recommend stenciling your floors if you are looking for an easy DIY project while being quarantined.  It is also very budget friendly and Cutting Edge Stencil has so many designs to chose from.

Hope you love this short tutorial on how to stencil your floors.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  I also have a live tutorial up on my Instagram page in Highlights titled Stenciled Floors.

Love y'all mucho - Rosana 

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