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Ringing in the New Year - Our Samsung Fridge Has Been a Huge Help

Ringing in the New Year - Our Samsung Fridge Has Been a Huge Help

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I know I'm not alone when the New Year rings its bells and we are trying to think of ways to simplify our home and make the most of any space. Since the start of 2021, that is where my mindset is. I want to get organized, declutter and get our home into shape.  That is where our stainless steel refrigerator from Samsung comes into play.


It truly is mesmerizing to have a fridge that enhances our modern kitchen with its sleek style and amazing features.  I'm gonna break down my four favorite things about the Samsung French door refrigerator.


If you forget to close the freezer draw or refrigerator doors an alarm sounds alerting you. Our energy star refrigerator has truly wonderful features. This saves us on energy usage and it’s nice to know when we are not closing our doors completely. 


Our fridge is counter-depth which means a smaller fridge - but it holds tons of groceries.  The shelves are easy to move/remove so you can adjust to your liking. The freezer has two large drawers, which provide more useable space for organizing.  We have a filter ice maker which we love as well. 


The sleek design of the Samsung refrigerator with its stainless steel finish is so classy.  I love the rich look the French doors add to our modern kitchen.  The LED lighting is nice and bright.  Since we have the counter-depth it allows a better walk flow in our kitchen.


The twin cooling maintains better air flow and keeps food fresher longer. The customizable temperature zones are effective and include a power cool and power freeze.  The fridge also has an echo button which allow you to run it more energy efficient.  The refrigerator and freezer work perfectly together to keep food, drinks cold and freezer items frozen.


I really could talk about so many more wonderful features our Samsung refrigerator has to offer.  

As always, if you have any questions at all, be sure to send them my way!




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